Food Needed!

posted almost 9 years ago by morgan
This update is over 30 days old.

Red Hook Projects houses over 5,000 people, all of whom are without power & food. We have located a larger Kitchen in the area who will act as a HUB to receive food donations.

Please send Rice, Beans, Canned food, etc to: St. Jacobi Church 5406 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11220. Comment below if you're able to help!


  • Hi, I'm in walking distance and happy to bring food tomorrow -- what times will you be accepting? Thanks!

    leebovel "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • I don't know their times - call Daphne tomorrow at 646-398-0869 and she should be able to tell you. Thank you!

    morgan "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • we're actually working on getting more details about this location soon and they will be posted as soon as we get them

    mariyanyc "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • Volunteers who are dropping off food can ring the doorbell and leave the food with someone or they can drop them off in front of the side door.

    mariyanyc "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • What type of food are you still in need of?

    egbkrecover "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • What kind of food can you use? How about disposable diapers?

    culprit "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • We still need bread, sandwich making materials, milk, cereal, food that can be cooked and candy for the kids! drop off the food at the side door which should be open, or ring the bell. Thank you everyone!

    lauragottesdiener "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • Hi, i'm outside the church and no one is answering the doorbell and all other doors are locked, is there someone who can let us in?

    leebovel "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • Is food prep help needed at this location, in addition to food donations?

    darrahsipe "(almost 9 years ago)"
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