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posted almost 9 years ago by mariyanyc
This update is over 30 days old.

If you want to help out in Red Hook we are asking volunteers to show up at 767 Hicks Street (at West 9th) tomorrow at 10am. Please bring donations of food, flashlights, candles, water pumps, generators. Many buildings in the neighborhood will likely not have power for the next 4-5 days.

you can also come help to prepare a 12pm lunch, a 7pm dinner, and fun Halloween activities for the neighborhood. Collaborate on outreach and hands-on community support. Dress in waterproof shoes and comfortable clothes.

For more information call (347) 770-1528 or email


  • What time should we show up to help with dinner?

    Gap2009 "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • by 5pm

    mariyanyc "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • Is the address accessible for vehicles?

    vaneproa "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • Can volunteers come throughout the day or only at designated times?

    mdemniak "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • To help with dinner, we show up by 5pm at 767 Hicks? Are there more needs? Looking in on elderly neighbors, etc? Thank you

    Jessica "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • Hi, I am interested in volunteering, signed up with Recover. It would be helpful if your posts included dates it's a little tricky to figure out which day is "that day."

    Thank you!-Ethan

    ethan "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • do you need volunteers for tomorrow during the day or for meals? If so what time tomorrow 11/1?

    hetpatel "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • please call or email with your questions!

    mariyanyc "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • When & where to show up on Friday, Sat, Sunday? to volunteer



    Tricia "(almost 9 years ago)"
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