Activities Schedule for November 1st

posted almost 9 years ago by redhookadmin
This update is over 30 days old.

volunteers will be needed throughout the day

Here is a sketch schedule for tomorrow's activities in Red Hook

10am Meet up & volunteers check-in at Red Hook Initiative (767 Hicks Street)

10:15 Community Assembly @ the Flagpole (Columbia and Lorrain)

10am-noon food prep at Red Hook Initiative.


Afternoon: foodprep @ Red Hook Initiative

4pm Community Assembly & Working Group report-back @ the Flagpole


8pm: volunteer debrief and coordination meeting at RHI

7:30-9:30pm clean up at RHI

Donations will be accepted throughout the day at 767 Hicks Street

For more information call (347) 770-1528 or email


  • I would like to donate. Please post what items are needed. Also: Some local musicians have been playing at the shelters, and would be interested in playing for efforts/dinners/other shelters.

    otis jah baker "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • I just found out about this effort and missed the morning meet-up. Can I join at any time today? Where will you all be?

    kcesiro "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • kcesiro, I just talked to someone there. I'm going to a kitchen near by 5406, 4th Ave. Also they need people to join caravans out to far rockaway. Call (347)770-1528. if they don't answer right away they'll call you right back.

    Carrieslim "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • I am available to volunteer. I have been looking all over the internet and have not been able to find much of anything but confusion. If you could e-mail me, which would be great I will try and get to the volunteering place. I can donate my time on Saturday and Sunday. my e-mail address is Thanks

    sully8253 "(almost 9 years ago)"
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