Bishop Ford Center Catholic High School

posted almost 9 years ago by mariyanyc
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Needs: Water, can food, mops, toothpaste/brushes, deodorant, baby products, garbage bags, papertowels, toilet paper, soaps

Address: Bishop Ford Center Catholic High School 500 Nineteenth Street, Brooklyn, NY


  • I'm about 600 miles away and can afford to load my truck with basic essentials and be there by Tuesday night or Wednesday morn. Or I can donate to a local charity if they can get the needed supplies. If it would make a difference I could rent a trailer and get donations for as much as I can haul. This would take a few days. P.S. if you have the time it would be great if someone could answer the few comments coming in @ Red Hook Community Justice Center. Thank you, and I believe there are many that want to help the best way they can. Bless you all. Debbie

    Debra "(almost 9 years ago)"
  • I live in Oak Park IL. The families of our local elementary school want to help families there. Aside from cash donations, if we collected some items that you are in need of (coats, baby items, personal care items) is it even possible to receive what we'd send via UPS, FEDEX, or USPS? Please advise. We want to do something. The kids want kids there to know we are thinking of you.

    jsteele "(almost 9 years ago)"
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